Thursday, January 31, 2008


In response to Feedback All Over Again:

Matthias, your post reminded me of (one of my many) recurring thoughts:

1. We are called Physical Therapists

2. Many within the profession want us to be strictly PHYSICAL therapists

3. I say we need to remain physical THERAPISTS.

Ideally we can fluctuate between our two poles smoothly and as needed, but I never want the therapeutic capacity our name implies to become defined strictly just by what we do with only our hands, i.e., physically. I'm sure robots will come along that will be precise about delivering physical forces to joints, etc. - they'll likely produce more quantifiable data than we ever have!

Instead, I want us to keep the human aspect, remain a profession that can continue to learn and evolve and adapt as science does - the more we understand the brain, the easier it should be for this profession we are part of to move into fully developing our empathic and genuinely therapeutic side. If one can learn to funnel "feeling" (i.e. therapeutic regard) through one's interview style, therapeutic presence, and hands, while retaining ethical conduct, remaining therapeutically boundaried and scientific accountable, now, THIS is therapy.

If we recognize that all pathways must be accessed/treated simultaneously, the profession will be in good shape in the future.

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