Friday, November 28, 2008

More about glia, and a Neurophilosophy post on Moseley

I saw a nice post by Mo, on Lorimer Moseley's work with pain research, called Distorting the body image affects perception of pain. Well-deserved recognition in my opinion - thumbs up to Mo. Lorimer Moseley's work has been discussed on this blog, HumanAntiGravitySuit, and Neurotopian several times, as has work done by others involving virtual bodies, body maps, alteration of pain experience, mirror therapy, etc.

A poster at Somasimple contributed this rather nice, very readable, up-to-date and open access article on glia, by Ben Barres, in Neuron, called The Mystery and Magic of Glia: A Perspective on Their Roles in Health and Disease. Enjoy!

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Posts mentioning mirror therapy:
Look in the menu to the right side of this blog. Or go to Neurotopian and use the search function, enter "Mirror Therapy" or just click on the menu item and get Matthias' blogpost series on the topic. (While you're at it, re-read his "Pain for Dummies" series.)

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