Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More about virtual bodies

In reference to More about glia, and a Neurophilosophy post on Moseley:

Today's post is short, because Mo has already written it. :-D He's called it The body-swap illusion.

In it Mo explains new work by Henrik Ehrsson, now in Stockholm, the paper If I Were You: Perceptual Illusion of Body Swapping, by Valeria Petkova and Henrik Ehrsson.

Thanks Mo, thumbs up for a great post.

I don't know what more evidence could be found to support the idea that the perceptual brain is in charge of autonomic outflow than to persuade it by means of illusion, both visual and tactile, that it was responsible for maintaining the bodily integrity of a mannequin, then physically threaten the mannequin and measure autonomic alarm as represented by evoked skin conductance response (SCR).

UPDATE Dec 16: Rubber hands feel real for amputees. Thank you again, Mo from Neurophilosophy.

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Merelyme said...

wow...this is fascinating stuff! i could spend days just looking at all the cool links you have here.

i have a neurological disease (multiple sclerosis). do you guys write at all about this topic?

i am a writer over at Health Central for their MS site. Stop by any time and join the conversation there. Here is my profile:


Nice to meet you and I have added you link to my personal site. I bet a lot of my readers would enjoy coming over here to read.