Saturday, November 28, 2009

Multiple sclerosis and news buzz about it

I must admit that as a young PT student and newly minted PT who thought I was coming down with whatever new thing I learned about, or had the opportunity of meeting/treating people who had x or y condition, MS probably freaked me out the most. Of late, a very nice massage therapist I know personally, ended up with this diagnosis.

How wonderful that this ailment is currently being highlighted as a condition which could be, potentially at least, reversible with a simple surgical procedure. Who'd have thunk? After all these decades?

Here are the news stories I've come across so far:

CTV W5 The Liberation Treatment
Medpage Radical MS Theory Stirs Interest
BBC: Multiple sclerosis 'blood blockage theory' tested

Nov. 30/09
Edit: I'm back in this post to add a link to Dr. Zamboni's website, Fondazione HILARESCERE.
Some of his papers can be found there. At least for now.

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