Saturday, December 22, 2007

Just do it

Reply to: A Few Types Of Learning


the only additional form of learning I can think of is procedural learning.

It's basically learning by doing. I never learned to type - but after a few years writing emails and other stuff I have become fairly good at using the keyboard.

I think the same thing happens in sports - when you ask someone how he or she does a certain movement they are unable to tell you - they just do but can't explain why or how.

This type of learning requires a lot of practice over time - so it has limited use in treating chronic pain I think.

But: maybe this non-conscious type of learning is one of the causes of chronic pain?!

One of the most important things you have to do when in pain is to try to get rid of things that make the pain worse or cause it in the first place.

But when you react non-consciously towards certain stimuli that's a problem - because you don't become aware of this negative influence.

In this case you first have to develop the necessary mental skills - namely Metacognition - to be able to watch yourself - then change the behaviors that aren't helpful.

Just do it. ;-)

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