Monday, December 10, 2007

A new PT team blog

This is my first attempt at PT blog "community-building"; there are going to be bumps probably, but I think the effort will be worthwhile.

Some introductions:

My name is Diane Jacobs - I am Dermoneuromodulator from HumanAntiGravitySuit. I've been a PT all my life, and have a small private practice in Vancouver.

Matthias Weinberger in Germany will be co-author/administrator here. His blog is called, aptly enough, The Neurotopian.

We would like to invite other PTs interested in treating from a nervous system/pain point of view to join us here as guests, eventually.

The name:

We chose the name "Neurotonics" because it suggests improvement of neural function. As PTs, we've each independently figured out that this is what our work is really all about. Both of us have given up putting structure first, as our profession tends to do, and are more interested in helping people inhabit their bodies better (i.e., with less pain). We've learned how to put the horse in front of the cart.

Yes, we still help peoples' bodies feel better to inhabit (we won't lay aside physicality any time soon) but I think it's safe to say we have learned not just how to "fix carts", but also the current best ways to "train a horse", how to put the horse in front of the cart for efficient pulling, teach people how to treat their horse better, to steer the horse, motivate it to pull the cart, and so on...

Matthias, over to you.

1 comment:

OAndreas said...

Dear Diane,

I am glad that you are starting this cooperative blog with my brother Matthias.

I hope you two will give one another the much needed feedback, that bloggers (as all authors) need.

Best wishes for both of you and good luck