Monday, December 10, 2007

Scientific literacy

Hi Diane!

Looking forward to the whole project.

"Neurotonics" - what a great name and concept.
The term was used as the title for a book in the 19th century meaning "the Art of Strengthening the Nerves, containing Remarks on the influence of the Nerves upon the Health of Body and Mind, and the means of Cure for Nervousness, Debility, Melancholy, and all Chronic Diseases".

As you can see - what Diane and I are trying to do here is not that different. ;-)
But - we base our writings on a scientific basis whereas others still grope around in the dark and try to find explanations based on mystical forces.

There is only one drawback to the whole endeavour - scientific illiteracy.
To be able to discuss scientific studies you have to learn some of the language and some of the concepts scientists use. There is simply no way around that.

And from what I hear, read, and see a lot of people are not willing to put up that effort.
Trust me - it's well worth it!

Back to the name: "Strengthening the Nerves" - that definitely works for me!

1) if you learn about Neuroscience you also learn something about your brain and yourself. And since learning re-wires your brain you are strengthening and building new synaptic connections.

2) Educating people in chronic pain about what pain is, what it means and how to deal with it also "strengthens the nerves" because you reduce fear and give meaning and controllability to the whole experience.

So lets start working out! ;-)

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OAndreas said...

As for names - how would Neuroniac suit you:-)

Best wishes and good luck with your cooperative blogging.

May the inherent feedback be with you.